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We have lots of fun and exhilarating games & activities to play with our Nerf Guns for all ages to keep everyone entertained.

Ultimate Foam Wars is an incredible and exciting experience suitable for ages 6 upwards. The players use our Nerf guns, which fire safe foam darts, as they play games around our Battle Zone. The Battle Zone consists of numerous movable obstacles and barricades that the players can use as tactical shelter. As all of the obstacles are movable we can set up our Battle Zone just about anywhere there is a large enough space.

Our War commanders will organise the children or adults into teams for you and run a number of different games for them.

Games & Activities Include:


Both teams take to the Battle Zone with one team defending the fort and the other team attacking the fort.

The attacking team need to place Bombs on to the marks while the defending team try to stop them.

The defending team are not allowed out of the fort zone, whereas the attacking team have a free run and can go anywhere in the Battle Zone.

Once you have been hit, make your way to the Elimination Zone.


Two flag sites are set up on opposite ends of the Battle Zone and cannot be moved.

The players must then retrieve the other team’s flag and bring it back to their own base without being shot.

Once you have been hit, make your way to the Elimination Zone.


Each team lines up shoulder to shoulder, at opposite ends of the playing Battle Zone.

Each team will then simultaneously take one shot each at the other team on the command of the word “FIRE“

Once you have been hit; make your way to the Elimination zone.

This is repeated until one team is eliminated.


There is a bomb located in the middle of the playing Battle Zone.

Both sides must try to obtain the bomb and reach the opposing team’s base.

When the bomb carrier is shot they must leave the bomb in that position and either team can then obtain it and advance it to the opposing team’s base.

Once you have been hit, make your way to the Elimination Zone.


One team start by guarding the Dart Tag.

The objective of this game is for the attacking team to seek out and disarm the Dart Tag by pressing the button before the time runs out.

The defending team are not allowed to touch the Dart Tag.

Once you have been hit, make your way to the Elimination Zone.


Once the teams are set they must enter the playing Battle Zone, and once the game begins the teams attack each other.

The objective of the game is to be the last team on the playing Battle Zone.

There is always a time limit. If the limit runs out and there is more then one team left then the team with the most players left wins.

Once you have been hit, make your way to the Elimination Zone.


One team starts off with the bomb.

The team with the bomb then must make their way to the opposing team’s base

The defending team must protect a specified location from the advancing team.

The game ends when either side is eliminated, or the bomb reaches the destination.

Once you have been hit, make your way to the Elimination Zone.


We start by picking a President for each team.

Everybody is then told who the President is for each team (the one wearing the hat)

The main objective is to eliminate the opposing team's President while still taking out anybody who gets in the way.

If you are shot, you are out of the game. The game ends when one of the Presidents has been shot.

Eliminations are simple, once you have been hit, make your way to the Elimination Zone.

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We Cover All Areas In The South East and Further

Enjoy our Nerf Experience for the most amazing & exhilarating experience ever. With our experienced Nerf Commanders, we provide a fun and engaging environment to entertain all ages.

As we are so close to the M11 & M25 motorways we are happy to travel anywhere in the South East.

You will not be disappointed, call us now for bookings or more information.


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